Don't Mind Rainy Vacations? Try To Get One For Free At Priceline

Priceline is offering a new “sunshine guarantee” over the summer that refunds 100% of airfare, hotel and car rental charges booked through them if your vacation gets rained on. It only applies to certain destinations, and it has to rain .5 inches per day for at least half the trip, but there is no additional fee for the insurance.

My guess is a few people may actually try to book a trip hoping it rains so that they’ll get the refund. It’ll be hard to guess, though, since tickets have to be purchased at least twelve days in advance. If anyone manages to do it, let us know and we’ll send you a TechCrunch tshirt (pictures of you standing in the rain are required, preferably with you holding open a laptop or phone with the TechCrunch site displayed and some sort of thumbs up signal :-) ).

The insurance is being provided through Weatherbill, a weather-related insurance startup founded by ex-Googler David Friedberg in early 2007.