Softbank presents 11 new Japanese cell phones

Today Japanese telecommunications giant Softbank unveiled their cell phone line-up for sommer 2008. Starting in July, the company will roll out a total of 11 new handsets in Japan. 3 models are mady by Sharp, NEC and Panasonic each while 2 come from Toshiba.

Nothing amazing here, but some of the handsets come with a couple of cool features.

Sharp’s 923SH, for example, is quipped with a 3.3 inch Aquos screen, a 5.2 megapixel camera (29 mm wide angle) and a 6-way motion sensor (pictured above). It also features a lexicon- and a map-key for direct web access to Wikipedia and Yahoo! Japan Maps.

The so-called “PREMIUM WATERPROOF 824SH”, also from Sharp, is the world’s slimmest cell phone capable of receiving One-Seg Digital TV (at 15.3mm thickness).

NEC’s line-up includes the super-slim 820N (11.3mm thickness) and a limited “extra-glamorous” model, which was designed in cooperation with a Japanese fashion magazine (821N GLA, pictured above).

Panasonic’s so-called TROPICAL 823P features the world’s biggest screen for waterproof cell phones with One-Seg compatibility (3 inches) and comes in 3 different trendy bodies.

Toshiba mainly focused on design with both their 823T and the 824T. The former model is targeted at males in their 30s and 40s. It comes with a special button, which after being pushed delivers news specifically filtered for Japanese men in this age group. Both phones feature One-Seg-TV compatibility.