Mio embeds GPS in digital cameras now


Oh let’s just embed GPS in every little thing from now on.

Mio, known for its stand-alone GPS navigation devices, will debut two smartphones at a trade show in Taiwan this week. (Think of that Garmin phone from a few months back.) Surprise, they have built-in GPS!

Even more interesting, perhaps, will be a digital camera with built-in GPS. Why, if it’s more interesting, it doesn’t lead this post, you may ask?

My guess would be that the GPS in the digital cameras would be used to stamp each photo with your coordinates. “Oh, we were there when I took this photo, now I remember.” That type of scenario (and other, more innocent ones, too, of course).

How battery life will be affected and how Best Buy and the like will classify the cameras—they’ll need a snazzy new name to trick consumers—will all partially determine the cameras’ success.

But if Mio markets them simply as digital cameras with “cool new GPS,” yeah, they’ll do fine.

The End.