iPhone 2 Rumor Round-up

With seven days to go before WWDC, the 3G iPhone rumor mill is pretty much on fire. Some of the rumors are pretty bonkers, but most of the more popular ones are pretty darn reasonable. In the name of science, we’ve pushed all of the rumors through our FCF (Fanboy Crap Filter), and rated the more likely rumors on the PKL (Pre-keynote Legitometer) scale. Lets take a look:

Rumor: It’ll be announced during the WWDC keynote
PKL Rating: 10/10 – With just about everyone expecting the announcement, Apple’s gotta do it. Not doing so would be a bad move for their stock.

Rumor: It’ll ship on the same day as the announcement
PKL Rating: 5/10 – As nice as this would be, I can’t imagine how they’d manage to keep the secret. Maybe if it were limited to Apple stores on launch day, but it’s crazy to think that the employees at some of the one-or-two-people-per-shift AT&T shops could fight the temptation to crack open the boxes and fire off pictures to everybody they know. People regularly risk being fired to leak info on much smaller news items. Giving it a full week to get shipped all over the country, I’d expect it to hit around June 16th.

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