Intel's PAN technology: Bluetooth's worst nightmare?

Intel and startup Ozmo Devices are collaborating to provide an alternative to Bluetooth for short-range, high-speed wireless connections. Intel wants to integrate Ozmo’s Personal Area Network technology into its Centrino laptops, which, thus equipped, could use their Wi-Fi bandwidth for both internet access and nearer, more data-hungry connections like headsets and music devices.

Because this would use the existing radio hardware inside the laptops, it’s both cost-effective and easy to deploy. That second antenna for Bluetooth isn’t exactly breaking the bank when you look at the cost of parts, but everything has wi-fi, Bluetooth is still pretty much an “extra.” A Bluetooth spokesperson said the wi-fi PAN tech had a lot of “catch-up” to do, and that Bluetooth is the established standard. Probably not a good thing for them that accessory heavyweight Belkin is getting in bed with Intel, though. Either way, I’m just happy that our radio waves will be used more efficiently.