E-TEN announces 3 new Glofiish

E-TEN has announced 3 new Glofiish Windows Mobile 6.1 handsets from Computex 2008, managing to score the “Best Choice of Computex” award for one.

From left to right, in the image above:

  • X610: Budget handset, intended primarily for basic communications and GPS.
  • X900: A followup to E-TEN’s X800 – UTMS/HSDPA, VoIP Calling, VGA display
  • DX900: This is the first Windows Mobile handset with the ability to handle two SIM cards at once, snagging it the “Best Choice of Computex” award. The device supports both HSDPA and EDGE, and packs in GPS, WiFi, VGA display, and a 3 megapixel autofocus camera

I’m generally not too impressed with E-TEN stuff, but I could see myself sportin’ a DX900. If nothing else, it would make traveling a bit less painful. No word yet on pricing or availability.