Is Twitter down? What do you think…

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Checked your Twhirl client this morning? Tried hitting the home page? Just ask, here’s all it needs to say:

  • Orli Yakuel
  • Mike Butcher

    Orli – Does Friendfeed do anything other than just act like a parasite on other people’s services? Answer: No. Next!

  • Mark

    It won’t find problems in the functionality of web applications, but this seems a reliable tool to see if Twitter (or Friendfeed) is down or not:

  • Marcin Grodzicki

    Right now TechcrunchUS is down :-P

  • Mike Butcher

    Marcin – Fair cop – though TC goes down once every few weeks/months. Twitter is down almost daily, right? :-)

  • steve ballmer

    This is what happens when you rely on unix servers!

    try MSTweeter, much better!

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