Possible Acer mini-laptop sighting?


According to UMPCPortal, these may be photos of the Acer Aspire One, a tiny laptop similar to the Eee, except that the first two E’s are replaced with the letters “O” and “N” to change things up a bit. The UI looks non-Windows-y, despite early reports indicating that Acer’s entrant would run XP. The UI shown above could be media center type software, though.

Details are a bit slim except that this machine is thought to carry a pricetag of $470 or so. Here’s some more info, too.

“…Acer’s Mini-Note is called “Aspire One”, running Windows XP SP3 on the 8.9 screen with resolution of 1024 X 768. The ODM partner is Quanta, the main notebook ODM partner of HP, DELL and Apple. The source thinks “Aspire One” is better looking than Asus’ EEE PC, however, no photo release yet.”

I’d think the screen is actually 1024 x 600 since it looks to be widescreen format. Availability (in Europe, at least) is expected “over the next few weeks.”