Pinch Media Releases Free Analytics for iPhone SDK

A small and very new startup out of New York called Pinch Media is building tools for iPhone and iPod touch developers.

The first of these tools is an analytics offering called Pinch Analytics, released just today for free, that will track an application’s number of unique visitors and active users, as well as how much time those users spend on the app and where they are located geographically. Fred Wilson is calling it the “FeedBurner for iPhone apps”.

Pinch Media is debuting with some formidable backing. Both First Round Capital and Union Square Ventures have provided an undisclosed amount of seed money in conjunction with several angels. Chris Fralic, a partner at First Round, says the firm is a big believer in “the power of the iPhone platform and how it’s driving usage beyond its market share and functionality beyond the desktop.”

Expect Pinch Media to roll out additional tools for promoting and monetizing apps built on the iPhone SDK. The startup’s already signing up advertisers for its platform.

Founders include Jesse Rohland and Greg Yardley, who left Yahoo in March.