How Beautiful is Glam?


Women’s ad network Glam Media thinks it’s worth more than $1.3 billion, reports Matt Marshall at VentureBeat. That’s how much an unnamed suitor is supposedly offering for Glam. But Marshall thinks that Glam will turn it down.

The company has raised $115 million, most recently in an $85 million round. Glam runs ads on female-oriented Websites that it says reaches 64 million people a month. Today it just launched a video ad service called the Glam TV Platform that bundles rights-cleared video (from partners like E! Online, CelebTV, Sony BMG, Brightcove, YouTube, and others) with video ads that publishers can put on their sites.

Last March, Glam started tightening up its finances by ending its policy of giving guaranteed revenues to blogs and other publishers in its network. As we reported back then:

Last year the company lost $3.7 million on $21 million in revenue. They’ve promised investors that 2008 would bring in $150 million in revenue with $40 million in profit. The only way to get there is bring in a lot more publishers, sell a lot more ads, and keep a larger share for themselves.

If Glam is on target, a $1.3 Billion acquisition would be 8.7 times revenues and 32.5 times estimated profits. Is it really that beautiful? If there are any advertisers out there who can tell us their experience with ads on Glam, and the ROI theta re seeing there versus other ad networks, please share in comments.