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I’ve managed to twist the arm of the organisers of the upcoming Being Digital conference, and those nice people at Sun Microsystems Startup Essentials who are sponsors, to add another delegate place for me to give away. So I’m happy to announce that I’ve selected Phreadz to demo at the event, while a delegate place each will go to Qajack and Ki-Work, who both took the trouble to do an innovative video pitch. Apologies to those who didn’t make it, but there’s always a next time, plus TCUK readers can still get a hefty discount on a delegate place with this link and there is a discount offer of a £500 price to demo companies if you quote “TCUKDEMO” when you apply. If I manage to squeeze any more freebies out of the organisers, you’ll be the first to know.

Here are some of the more interesting video pitches on the original call for entries blogs post, starting with our winners (see after the jump).

Demoing: Phreadz

Delegate place:

Delegate place: Qajack

And the other worthy attempts:

Tactile CRM

Trade Merchants

Learn It Lists

Bailey the Dog!

  • Kosso


    This is such a great opportunity me for to show people what phreadz can do – and hopefully meet some interesting and interesed angels, i hope!

    Really, really looking forward to it!

    THANK YOU!!!!! :)


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  • Steve Purkiss

    Congrats Kosso – GO PHREADZ!!!

  • Simon Grice

    Well done – Kosso – look forward to meeting and seeing your demo at Being-Digital.

    Simon Grice (Founder of mashup* Event – the organiser of Being-Digital)

  • steve ballmer

    I’ve got it sewed up!

  • Kosso

    @Simon Thanks! Looking forward to meeting you and showing you the potential! ;)

    And cheers ‘the steves’! :)

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  • Greg

    Kosso congratulations! See you at the conference.

  • Michael Wolff

    well done, GEEK IDOLS, Jim and Ceris. are you going to put ki work on the map?

  • jim - ki work

    Wow – HUGE thanks Mike!!

    Great idea for a competition – and obviously extremely grateful for a delegate place. Should be a fantastic event and very much looking fwd to being there (and seeing Kosso’s pitch – good luck fella).

    Must thank my beautiful assistant too. And my manager, make-up artist, etc etc.


  • Omar

    Mike, I have to register my complaint, I really am not happy over this: did the dog NOT win anything at all? Maybe you sent him a bone in the post or something, or maybe he got some scooby snacks? Nothing?? Nothing at all? :(

  • Omar

    and… well done to the winners! :)

  • Bailey

    Robbed :( {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:””}”title”:{“value”:”Robbed :( “}”videoUri”:{“value”:””}}}

  • Diane Corriette

    Congrats to all those who won but especially to ki-work because you guys are transforming the way we work online!


  • Mike Butcher

    BTW here’s how they do this kind of thing in France

  • Fat Man Collective

    I’m officially going to be a little bit digital, I’m not sure which part of me I’ll sacrifice to this worthy cause, but thanks Mike, I look forward to approaching you at speed at the conference, decked out in a selection of brightly coloured post-it notes.

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  • Karl H

    This is great stuff, thanks for having the blog and putting details like this video on it. Those of us with no writing or video skills really appreciate it. Believe me. I love that you’re providing all of these stimulating and informative videos.
    Thanks for the heads up on this program. I never heard of it before but from
    your post it seems like I should pick it up sometime soon.
    I am terribly jealous. Hope this is going to be an annual event.

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