Weird-ass folding laptop on eBay, currently at $100


Oh me, oh my — here’s a new one.

I purchased this a few years back as a project but it just ended up sitting in my closet. This is a rare Xentex Dual Screen Laptop. Each screen is 13.3″ and one pivots so that one can be facing you and the other one facing the person sitting on the other side of the laptop. This was a prototype and is missing some parts but does turn on so I have no doubt someone can make this work with the right skills.

This has to be the worlds largest laptop when unfolded which measures about 19.5″ across when you unfold it. This company had a great idea on the hinging concept because the entire laptop folds twice making it very portable.


Unfortunately, it’s a prototype that just kinda-sorta works…

The keyboard is functional and it does type and you can enter the bios but I have not been able to go past that since I do not have a hard drive cable (which appears to be a custom cable with 1mm pitch) and I do not have a CD Rom for the unit. I have tried to getting it to boot of an external USB CD Rom but it would not detect that. The small plastic latches that hold the screen in place when it is all folded up are broken but does not effect it that much.  Trackpoint is missing from the middle of the keyboard but the touch pad should work but have never booted to windows to confirm.

The touch pad also duals as some sort of signature pad and the pen is included.

Xentex Dual 13.3″ Screen Laptop Prototype [eBay] via The Register