CityMint launches with mobile food ordering for SF residents

While I love having food delivered, I can’t stand the ordering process. If I somehow have the number handy, chances are I threw away misplaced the menu at some point. Even if I have the menu and ordering seems to go smoothly, I always wonder if the person on the other end actually wrote down my request to hold the mushrooms. (Mushrooms make me die, and no – they usually don’t write it down.)

CityMint is aiming to do away with all of the annoyances of having food delivered by moving the entire process online. You use CityMint’s simple online interface to order from their selection of local restaurants, and they pass on your delivery request. They’re not the first to try online food ordering, but they’re the first to put an emphasis on mobile users.

The service launched this morning with an iPhone web app, and pages optimized for Blackberry/Palm users. You can browse menus, place orders, set special requests for each item (e.g no mushrooms), and review/reorder past orders.

Unfortunately, CityMint’s services are currently only available in San Francisco, offering food from around 80 different restaurants. Hopefully it expands soon – I imagine it’d be incredibly popular in major cities and college towns, where food delivery is big business.

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