Play music on wireless speakers from your cell phone

With everyone gearing up for summer, it doesn’t surprise me that Logitech announced today the Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile speaker system. Everyone knows you can’t have a beach party without jams, and this product will make sure music is always flowing.

If you have a phone with Bluetooth and Advanced Audio Distribution, you will be able to stream your music to the speakers wirelessly. I know where you thinking, “How in the hell is that going to sound good?” We don’t know. The speakers feature 2-inch high-excursion drivers and dual 2-inch pressure drivers. I would imagine, if you have a pretty good file to start with, this should be able to keep most people’s ears happy. Especially if you beach has alcohol. And sand fleas.

Additional features of the Pure-Fi Mobile speaker system are a BAS (Big Ass Speakerphone) with answer call and end call functions, rechargeable batteries that give you around 12 hours of playing time, and a built-in 3.5 mm audio jack for hooking up old school devices without Bluetooth.

Logitech is releasing this item in June with the suggested retail price of $149.99.