iTunes is now a phishing target thanks to dumb kids

itunes Careful with that next e-mail you get from the iTunes music store — it might be a ruse. A cunning attempt to trick you, as it were. According to Computerworld,

People began receiving spammed messages yesterday telling them that they must correct a problem with their iTunes account, said Andrew Lochart, an executive at e-mail security vendor Proofpoint Inc.

A link in the spam leads to a site posing as an iTunes billing update page; that phony page asks for information, including credit card number and security code, Social Security number and mother’s maiden name.

Lochart then went on to embarrass his teenage kids by saying, “The way that teenagers and young adults use the Internet, they show a certain level of trust or openness when they post their name and age and school on MySpace.” Daa-ad! Stop talking about Maey-Spaeece! You sound so lay-eeeme!