Firefox 3 will be finalized in June, says Mozilla


Ah, springtime; when a man’s fancy turns to newer, younger, more nimble versions of popular web browsers. Take Firefox 3, for example. It’ll be here “sometime in June,” Mozilla’s VP of engineering, Mike Schroepfer told CNET.

Apparently everything’s running relatively smoothly…

“We’re in a phase where we’re letting add-ons get a chance to update,” Schroepfer said. “We like to have RCs (release candidates) out for a while to gather feedback.”

More release candidates are possible, he said. With Firefox 2, there were three. “We’re in better shape this time, but there’s no reason to rush this,” he said.

Schroepfer also commented that the final version of Firefox 3 will be “2 to 3 times faster than the previous version and nearly 10 times faster than IE 7.”