T-Mobile to launch 16 new devices by August?

According to TmoNews, T-Mobile is working to crank out an impressive 16 new devices by August 1st. As the information comes from an internal memo, the date is completely tentative – in fact, it’s more than likely to change. While they were able to conjure up a list of 13 possible devices, 3 are still unknown.

The list:

  1. Motorola Rokr E8
  2. Motorola W450
  3. Blackberry Bold
  4. Blackberry KickStart
  5. Samsung T339
  6. Samsung T229
  7. Nokia 1208
  8. Nokia 6301
  9. Nokia 2760
  10. Nokia 5310
  11. Nokia 5610
  12. Shadow II
  13. Shadow III

The list raises an eyebrow, to say the least. AT&T reportedly has exclusivity on the Blackberry Bold until September, and the Shadow II barely exists outside of spyshots, much less as a predecessor to a Shadow III. Even with this bit of stretching, 3 go unnamed. We’ve been hearing a good amount about an upcoming Sidekick iD followup lately, the Sidekick Gekko; perhaps that will eat up one of the slots?