Sharp floods Japan with new Internet TVs, Blu-ray recorders

aquos GX 1

In the coming weeks, Sharp will roll out a total of 13 TVs and three Bluray recorders in Japan. On June 1st, 7 new models of the Sharp Aquos GX5 and GH5 series will hit J-Land. Panel sizes range from 26″ ($1,500) to 52″ ($4,800). While the five new GX5 TVs feature full-HD and a contrast ratio of 2,000:1, the two lower-priced GH5 models come HD-ready only and with a contrast ratio of 1,500:1.

aquos rx 1

One month later, Sharp Japan will start selling its flag ship Aquos RX5 TVs. Three versions will be available: 46″ ($5,100), 52″ ($5,600) and 65″ ($9,400). Needless to say, all RX5 models are full-HD. The 120 Hz LSI panels will feature 450cd/m2 brightness and a contrast ratio of 3,300:1.

aquos DS 1

The three new models from the Aquos DS5 series (also available from July) come with an ordinary ASV panel. The DS5 TVs are full HD and feature 450cd/m2 brightness and a contrast ratio of 2,000:1. Sizes available: 32″ ($2,100), 37″ ($2,600) and 42″ ($3,400).

aquos BR 1

aquos internet 1

In July, Sharp will also offer new Aquos Blu-ray recorders. Japanese buyers can choose from three models: BD-HDW22 (250 GB, $1,400), BD-HDW25 (500 GB, $1,700) and BD-HDW30 (1 TB, $2,700).

aquos internet2 1

The most interesting point by far about the new TVs is the (restricted) Internet capability they come with. Sharp said it will be possible not only to surf Sharp’s homepage but also Yahoo! Japan (this country’s most popular web site). Proud owners of the new Aquos TVs can also view digitized print magazines via a Japanese Internet TV portal and access video-on-demand in HD.