Garmin offers Blackberry owners a lifetime of navigation for a one-time fee

After Garmin Mobile found its way onto one of my phones, my standalone GPS unit quickly found itself gathering dust. I’m not one of those guys who likes to wear a utility belt and a bag of chargers just to carry a bunch of separate devices; just pack’em all into one, and I’m good to go. Unfortunately, the 10 dollar monthly fee associated with the service can really start to wear on your wallet after a while — especially when you consider that no matter how long you subscribe, you’ll never actually own the application.

Garmin announced recently that Blackberry owners can nab a lifetime subscription to Garmin Mobile for a one-time hit of 100 bucks. No more monthly fees, or having to ask yourself “Am I just sort of lost, or am I $10-dollars lost?” every time you wind up off course.

In addition to the voice prompted turn-by-turn directions one might expect of the application, it also reports traffic info, fuel prices, and weather forecasts.

For Blackberry devices without embedded GPS, the 100 dollar price doesn’t cover the required Blackberry-compatible GPS add-on. Those come in at around another 100 bucks, bringing the price within range of stand-alone units.

[Via Engadget Mobile]