Xziex: Air into water, olde timee alkemiste style

Xziex is a company that makes water out of air. That’s right: no longer do you need to, ummm… do stuff with water… ummm… like get water from rivers and lakes and… ummm? Like Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen you can build a moisture farm and ummm….

Well, basically this is some sort of fascinating idea that pulls water out of the air. While most of us would call this a dehumidifier, Xziex calls it a life-saver. Considering the energy consumed by the device could probably be used to filter more water than it generates using traditional methods, I’m going recommend a “Sell”

You can take a gander at the actual site here without entering your personal information. Clearly Xziex has enough money to hire a designer but I wonder if this is more pyramid or OTC stock scam than a real product. As we see here, you can become an affiliate of the program for about $1700. I found this investment pitch which described the end product as “Vitalized Water:”

What is Vitalized Water?

Vitalized Water is hexagonally-structured – composed of six individual molecules of water, held together by common hydrogen bonds. This unique water structure is capable of rapid penetration within the cells of your body. Hexagonal water has been scientifically documented to improve hydration, nutrient delivery, waste removal, cellular communication and metabolic efficiency.

But then I also noticed an ominous bit of text in that selfsame pitch:

Fools, money, soon parted.

(via Gearlog)