Hackers will track conference attendees' movements using RFID


The good folks at this year’s HOPE conference, organized by 2600 magazine, will track the movements of attendees by using RFID, while at the same time encouraging them to find vulnerabilities in the technology. The attempt to draw attention to the widely implemented yet poorly understood (by the average person) technology should be applauded. During the conference, says the press release, “Large displays will show in real-time where people go, with whom they associate, for how long and how often.”

RFID tags can be found embedded in any number of items nowadays, including passports. The fear there is, with the proper equipment, someone could steal the personal data right off the passport without the victim so much as suspecting anything. That’s why attendees will be encouraged to figure out ways to get around the tracking system: alter how much information is embedded in the tag, create ways to capture other people’s data, and so on. Basically, giving the technology a thorough testing.

The HOPE conference, officially called the Last HOPE, takes place in New York July 18-20. Pretty sure one of us will be there to report the sites and sounds of the show, the last one of its kind.