Jaman Launches Free Streamed Movies In Browser

Jaman, the San Mateo-based P2P Web movie service, is about to announce that it will be streaming selected movies for free. The movies play immediately in the browser and are supported by pre/post-roll ads. (The usual download-to-rent option remains available). Jaman is launching streaming with 100 ad-supported titles from its collection of over 3000 independent and international films. While other sites like Netflix are offering more mainstream titles, Jaman focuses on indie film and especially on the international and Bollywood market, which has a massive global audience (although not everyone seems to be a fan). But then, it also has old titles – here’s Audrey Hepburn in Charade. Ad-supported films are likely to tap into previously underserved audiences in areas like Brazil, Russia, India and China – where pirated movies are more prevalent – assuming they can get the broadband in the first place. In January Jaman managed to get distribution for its catalogue of American independent film onto TiVo DVR. The privately owned firm was founded by CEO Gaurav Dhillon who previously co-founded Informatica which IPO’d in 1999. Jaman backers include the Hearst Corporation.