First Investment For the Mail Room Fund Is Social Network Analytics Startup

People expect the Mail Room Fund, a joint venture fund established by William Morris Agency, Accel Parners, Venrock and AT&T earlier this year, to make interesting investments. With deep connections in the entertainment, technology and communications industries, they can’t help but have great and varied deal flow.

So of course their first investment is a social network analytics startup called Sometrics, which raised an undisclosed round of financing (rumored to be around $1 million) from the fund. Sometrics is based in Los Angeles.

Sometrics provides metrics (think Google Analytics) to social network application developers. Built a Facebook application? Sometrics will tell you page views and unique visits, installs and uninstalls, age of users, gender of users, number of friends and location of users. The basic service is free. For more information: AllFacebook wrote about Somemetrics at launch, and InsideFacebook compared them to competing social application analytics providers. Currently, 500 developers are using Sometrics during its beta period.

This may have been a better investment for the funds established specifically to fund Facebook applications, rather than the new Mail Room Fund. But hey, this is the new new Internet. Anything can happen. And does.