Atair's EXO-Wing and AeroSuit on display at The Met


Brooklyn defense contractor Atair Aerospace has two of its futuristic (and working) designs on display at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art as part of a superhero exhibit that’ll be running until September 1st of this year.

“The Met exhibit includes Atair’s EXO-Wing™, the world’s smallest human-piloted jet airplane. Exoskeletons for increasing human capabilities were once the subject of fictional comic book writers; now it has become real technology to enable human flight. This futuristic aircraft is constructed from advanced aerospace composite materials. The twin micro-turbine-powered EXO-Wing™ is so small and lightweight that a human wears it like a backpack.

The Met is also displaying Atair’s AeroSuit™, an engineered bat-like flexible wing suit constructed with advanced composite textiles. This high-technology garment allows a skydiver to glide to a target miles away from the drop point. The arms and legs of this garment include inflating webbed panels that form the elements of a wing which dramatically improves the aerodynamics of a skydiver, providing a safe and extraordinary flight experience. Both innovations are made from a new generation of composite textiles pioneered by Atair which are engineered to perform under extreme conditions.”

Cool, hey? Atair also has a bunch of other cool stuff like the Onyx precision-guided parachute system, the Long Endurance Autonomous Powered Paraglider (LEAPP) UAV, the Circinus GPS-Integrated Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), the Heli-Chute, and 3DZ Composite Parachute Technology.

via PRWeb