Nintendo launches "homebrew" service WiiWare

Have a great idea for a game? Add it to WiiWare, a game distribution system on the Wii that lets you sell your own video games online. The current line-up iusn’t great (Defend Your Castle is one and sounds like an anti-masturbation title) but the expectation is that the service will embolden experts and amateurs alike to create content for Nintendo’s runt.

WiiWare frees developers from the traditional constraints of video game development. WiiWare lets developers experiment with big ideas and small budgets to the benefit of players everywhere. Newer, smaller teams now have an outlet for their creative ideas. The constantly growing WiiWare library will have a regular flow of unique video gaming experiences consumers might not otherwise have access to.

“WiiWare is to the video game industry what independent films are to Hollywood,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “WiiWare lets developers experiment with new ideas and experiences. Combined with our collection of classic Virtual Console games, Wii provides one-stop shopping for the greatest games of the past – and the future.”

via i4u
Photo: FileFront