HTC Touch Diamond accessories coming soon


Just got word from Matt of Tracy and Matt’s Blog that he’s been able to grab a shot of one of the upcoming accessories for the HTC Touch Diamond.

From Matt’s post

“I must say that this looks super sexy with its glossy black finish. You’ll also notice the decent looking set of headphones in that photo above which, in my mind, implies that the dock/cradle will allow you to sync, charge and use headphones while the device Diamond is plugged in! Now that would be cool!”

That would be pretty cool. The Touch Diamond will be hitting Europe in a couple of weeks, so we’ll undoubtedly see more and more accessories soon. This one will supposedly cost about $50 US — not too bad. The UK product page says…

“Sync, charge up and listen to the music! Charge or synchronise your HTC Touch Diamond simply by placing the handset in the cradle.

Plug the desktop cradle into a home stereo system via the cradle’s 3.5mm line out connection to enjoy high quality music playback.

Sleek and simple, like the HTC Touch Diamond, this cradle is the perfect accessory.”

So there you have it. Charging, synching, and audio out. Pretty standard.