Eye-Fi adds two new wireless memory cards to their product line-up

Eye-Fi announced two new wireless memory cards today, and they’ve dubbed their original card with a new name.

The new line-up:

  • Eye-Fi Explore: The Explore card can automatically locate nearby WiFi networks and geotag your photos using Skyhook’s global Wi-Fi positioning system. It can also automatically connect to any of Wayport’s 10,000+ hotspots (in other words, pretty much every McDonald’s in the US). MSRP $129.
  • Eye-Fi Share: The original Eye-Fi card with a new name. It allows users to automatically upload photos straight to their favorite photo sharing service over WiFi. MSRP $99.
  • Eye-Fi Home: This one’s for the folks who transfer a lot of photos to their computer, but don’t need them to be auto uploaded to any photo sharing sites. The Home allows users to transfer photos directly to their PC without the use of cables, card readers, or docks. Pretty much the same card as the Share, without the sharing part. MSRP $79.

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