Safari Search Plugin Inquisitor Acquired By Yahoo!

Inquisitor, the Safari search plugin billed as “Spotlight for the web”, has been acquired by Yahoo. The plugin enhances the browser’s standard search engine by offering suggested links and bookmarks in real time as the user types.

Yahoo has already made some minimal changes to the software. The plugin’s integrated Affiliate Links, which have been the source of some controversy, have been removed. And the default search engine has been changed to Yahoo!, though users are still free to choose another engine.

Developer David Watanabe (blog) has created a number of popular applications for the Mac, including the RSS reader NewsFire and Acquisition, a P2P client. He will continue working on Inquisitor, but will not be joining Yahoo! as an employee.

You can find more details on the Yahoo! Blog. And for those who are curious, this application has no relation to TechCrunch alum Duncan Riley’s blog, The Inquisitr.