Want to Dress Just Like Celebrities? You'll Like Coolspotters

Coolspotters, a new site from Connecticut based startup Fanzter, will launch later today. It’s an eye-candy celebrity-focused site that shows users the products celebrities are wearing in various photos. Users can then talk about and, of course, purchase those items.

Users can track celebrities, products, brands, shows (TV, Movies, etc.), places, events, and more. The idea is to show connections between people and stuff. These connections are called “spots” (as in, “I spotted that”), and show details on the item. If something is incorrect, users can change or remove it, and add new people and things.

There are other services that try to help people find products that celebrities use. Like.com is a visual search engine that lets people find related products based on visual patters. And SeenOn shows clothing and other items used by celebrities in TV shows, which can then be purchased.

But Coolspotters is the first collaborative site that gets users to do most of the work. It’s essentially a structured data wiki (see our coverage of Political Base and our own CrunchBase, which use the same ideas to track politicians/issues and startups/entrepreneurs, respectively). The end result is a ton of highly structured, highly valuable information. Users can sit for hours clicking around and finding related things. And in the case of Coolspotters, buy stuff.

Parent company Fantzer was founded in mid 2007 by Aaron LaBerge, Eric Kirsten and Sujal Shah and has raised $2 million in venture funding.

See their the Coolspotters CrunchBase profile for more screen shots.