Xohm again delayed for back-end connectivity issues

sprint xohm wimaxSprint’s Xohm WiMAX networks is facing another delay, though this one’s not because of faulty technology or delays in development, but because the T1 lines carriers traditionally use as the backhaul, or landline connection, aren’t adequate to support the base stations.

In other words, Xohm is just now realizing that a 1.5Mbps T1 doesn’t have the throughput, or even a fraction of the throughput, needed for this kind of network. This means that new connectivity to the Sprint network, and thus to the Internet, will have to be put in place at all Xohm WiMAX base stations before it can be turned on. The problem isn’t the technology, but rather licensing and zoning.

There are also problems with the billing system, but really until the data is there to be used, it’s a moot point.