Microsoft/Yahoo: Summary Of Today's News & Bonus Gillmor Gang

Summary Of Today’s News: Negotiations between Yahoo and Microsoft, widely expected to result in a negotiated deal by Monday, fell apart today. There were a number of statements, all summarized below. Steve Gillmor also convened a special session of the Gillmor Gang at 7 pm to analyze the news – The transcript is still being created, but the recording is now up and live.

Listen to the special Microsoft/Yahoo Gillmor Gang here, with participation from Steve Gillmor, Michael Arrington, Doc Searls, Dan Farber, Dana Gardner, Robert Anderson, and Robert Scoble.

Today’s News (chronological):

  1. Breaking: Microsoft Withdraws Yahoo Bid; Walks Away From Deal: Microsoft withdraws their February 1 offer, won’t go above $33/share and Yahoo wants $37. The post also includes a letter from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang delivered today.
  2. Email From Steve Ballmer To All Microsoft Employees: Leaked email from Steve Ballmer to all Microsoft employees that we got our hands on. He explains the deal news to the troops.
  3. Yahoo’s Tough Week Ahead: Yahoo faces a bleak world next week; look for the stock price to tank. Do they have a backup deal with Google?
  4. Yahoo Responds: “The distraction of Microsoft’s unsolicited proposal now behind us”: Yahoo issues a press release suggesting relief that the pesky Microsoft distraction is behind them.
  5. Optionally, skip all the above and just read CNET’s cartoon summary of today’s happenings: