AllRise Presents A Civilized Way To Settle Disputes

I like what I’ve seen so far of Israeli startup AllRise – a website that allows users to file complaints against anyone or anything, argue their case, have the community choose sides, and ultimately vote on who should prevail.

At the very least, it certainly gives me more hope for the future than sites like SueEasy, which aim to produce more, not less, actual lawsuits.

The service is in private beta, but the overview video here (where I grabbed some fuzzy screen shots) shows how it will work. The features are aimed at producing as much user participation as possible. Users can choose to prosecute, defend, or decide cases, as well as vote particular arguments up or down based on quality or level of controversy. In the overview video, the company uses my faux lawsuit with Facebook as an example.

When it launches I’ll be sure to pick a fight with someone and try it out, and I promise to abide by whatever judgment the community makes, as long as they side with me.