After Dark Microsoft Employees Make Sweet Music

While the battle for Yahoo continues unresolved, some Microsoft employees are breaking the suspense (or is it now boredom) by winning new awards for Redmond.

The Baudboys is an a capella group consisting entirely of Microsoft employees and is billed as Microsoft’s Finest A Capella. The group: Graham Sheldon, Ric Lewis, Owen Braun, Elliot Lewis, Dave McEwen, Jon Schwartz, Mark Adolph and Paul Eng, “risks the rath of fellow employees by rehersing in on-campus conference rooms,” and sing a variety of popular and original music.

Casual singing isn’t new in tech, but these guys are serious, having taken first place in the Harmony Sweepstakes Northwest Regional and qualifying to go through to the national final.

The group regularly performs at Microsoft’s Redmond Campus, and was even spotted earlier today at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley offices. You can hear more of the group on their MySpace page here.

(via Frankarr)