Project Vino Twitter Wine Tasting

pv.jpgWine Tasting is more of a traditional pursuit, like minded people gathering together to taste fine wine. Twitter wine tasting has been tried before, a wine tasting party that gathered web notables in person to try wines tried the concept back in March. But until now no Twitter wine tasting event has focused on providing wine over a broad geographic region with a focus back on providing feedback via Twitter.

Project Vino, an Australian wine site focused on community recommendations, tried the Twitter wine tasting model today. The site sent three bottles of Kirrihill (South Australia) wine to 12 prominent Australian Twitter users, with the only obligation being to tweet their thoughts to Twitter at the designated times.

Project Vino CEO Hugo Sharp had this to say on the event:

This event is one of the earliest instances of using Twitter to transfer an event as social and active as a wine tasting, into online realms. The end result? A resounding success. When you have a social drink which is best enjoyed sharing experiences with friends, it works perfectly with online communication tools.

As one of the twelve sent the wine it was both a fun, and an informative experience. It helps that the Kirrihill Wine was good, but the networking and good word of mouth will make the 3 cartons an easy spend. Reviews can be found via @projectvino. An experiement that was suppose to last 45 minutes kicked on well and truly past the testing time, a positive sign that the wine was well received.

Pics below are from a live stream of the event.