Iron Man mobile, now with more C&D action

Hands-on Mobile has released Iron Man: The C&D. Only instead of Tony Stark you play a slightly overweight lawyer who represents Marvel Comics. You always wanted to write real fiction but your mother told you she wasn’t going to pay for any bum so you went to law school and were hoping for a job in politics when you got the Marvel account and you were OK for a time, kind of rationalizing your life choice by comparing yourself with your struggling friends from college who are living in Scranton or wherever now and you’ve got a nice apartment and a parade of brittle women who you take out for frigid conversation and expensive meals. Then you fight against the evil Doktor Arrington and his army of Kommenters and fail.

Since this is the mobile version, everything you do will be seen by thousands of people and cause a great uproar in the blogosphere, causing many geeks to sour on the thought of seeing another bloated Summer blockbuster.