Goodness Prevails: Iron Man Screening Is ON.

Drama over. The CrunchGear/TechCrunch Iron Man screening, which Marvel tried to shut down yesterday for no good reason whatsoever (more on that below), is back on.

We are adding another 30 spots on the wait list. At least most of the people on the wait list will get in, so if you’re willing to risk being turned away at the last minute, sign up there. Showing is at 7:15 tonight at the AMC Metreon in San Francisco.

We’re still trying to figure out exactly what happened, but Marvel is now saying that Oracle, which is promoting the movie, complained about the event. From our attorney: “He said this all arose from a misunderstanding. Paramount had not informed Marvel about your deal. Oracle had booked the theatre for a different screening at the same time. People at Oracle were upset thinking that their event was turning into a TechCrunch event and that there would be too many people, conflicts over who would get in, etc.”

I was already slightly annoyed at Oracle for spamming comments on our original post (see comment 50 here). But to try to derail the event is just…villainous.

Marvel also apologized, and we accept. I’m not annoyed at all that we incurred an extra $2,000 in legal expense on top of the ticket price.

See you tonight!

Update: Just got a call from Ira Rubenstein apologizing. He also confirms that he left this comment. All is forgiven at Marvel, even the legal fees. It’s Oracle I’m aiming at now.