Weirdo fake Zunes circulating

Some folks at Zunerama found an odd Zune with a shoddy box and weird engraving on eBay, causing us to wonder a) is this fake and b) why would anyone fake a Zune?

just received my 8GB Zune from Ebay.
When I saw the box first I was kind of shocked. Text and Printing not aligned to the center of the packaging, no sticker with serial number and Barcode. As well there were no manuals and the earphones and synch cable were not in separate boxes.
Then I thought “wonderful you’ve bought a fake Zune” but the Device looks fine (ok it looks like second quality, dented screw cover (or whatever the chrome cover covers Smiley and some errors in the laser engraving at the back) When I plugged it into my PC it started charging and a few minutes later it started up and shows correct firmware as well.
So how can this be? Has someone embezzled second quality devices and made a new Packaging for them?
Has anyone else the same experience?