Glu Launches Speed Racer mobile Game

The Movie Speed Racer, which is based on a cartoon series from the 1970’s, hits theaters on May 9. In tandem with the movie’s release, Glu Mobile launched a game based on the movie today. Speed Racer is the first title Glu has developed and published through its strategic partnership with Warner Bros. Digital Distribution.

“The team at Glu has done a remarkable job of delivering all the fast action of SPEED RACER onto the mobile phone,” said Anthony Campagna, director of wireless sales development, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. “This game provides hours of entertainment and will make a great companion piece for anyone passionate about SPEED RACER.”

The goal of the game is to become the ultimate Grand Prix champion by using all the abilities of your car Mach 6 and through “Car-Fu.” Through Car-Fu you become one with your car Mach 6 and drive with skills beyond the average racer. The game lets you drift, slide, jump and defensively drive while navigating extreme tracks against tuff competitors and obstacles.

Speed Racer has advanced graphics and 3D screens. The graphics are meant to fully immerse the player into the gaming experience.

“We’re really proud of the job our studio has done to develop a white-knuckle racing game on par with the level of quality that the Wachowski brothers expect,” said Jill Braff, senior vice president, global publishing, Glu. “We’re excited to be able to put this experience in the hands of consumers in anticipation of the film’s debut.”

The Wachowski brothers wrote, directed and produced the movie.