Two Years Later, MySpace Karaoke Launches

MySpace Karaoke launched today. I had actually forgotten about this, but the site is powered by kSolo, an online karaoke service that MySpace parent company Fox Interactive Media acquired back in April 2006. Yep, it took them two years to rebrand and relaunch it.

kSolo joins Newroo as the other startup Fox acquired in 2006 that has sort of languished. After acquiring Newroo (March 2006), MySpace sat on the asset for a year and then beta launched MySpace News. It was and remains a bit of a ghost town, with little integration with the main MySpace service.

MySpace Karaoke may not do much better. kSolo, which has remained live during the 2 year development cycle, has little traffic (nor does its competitor, SingShot, which shut down).

It’s U.S. only for now, with international rollout in the coming months.

Will this be a popular addition to the MySpace world? Here’s an example video, you decide.