Artemis Eternal Brings "Crowd-Funding" To Movie Making

Jessica Mae Stover wants independent funding for her movie project “Artemis Eternal,” so she’s turning to social media for a (her term) “Crowd-Funding” drive.

The idea is simple enough: visitors get to follow the entire process. Contributions for the film range from $1+ with the contributor getting an online credit for the contribution, $25+ gets the contributor a credit in the film, and $100+ gets credit in the film and “Wingman” status that offers name credits on the “silver aurum,” the development map on the front page of the movies website. So far the project has raised $40,000 of the $100,000 required to produce the movie.

The idea is being pitched as cutting out the middleman, and breaking “new ground on a new formula for film finance, production and exhibition.” You can follow the process on the Artemis Eternal website here.