Terrible economy affecting your tech spending?


Consumer confidence recently hit a 26-year low, with the Reuters/University of Michigan index currently at 62.6. Consumer expectations for six months from now (October) is even worse at 53.3. In other words, lots of Americans will now be a little more choosey where and what they spend they money on.

How has your tech/gadget addiction been affected by the terrible economy? Holding off on big purchases, like TVs or computers?

I’ve read here and there that technology is “recession-proof,” which just smacks of stupidity. Like, if I only have enough money to buy food and fuel for this month, why would I bother grabbing, I don’t, a PS3 bundle? (That bundle looks really nice, by the way.)

I don’t know, it’s the weekend and just wanted some feedback on this, seeing as though “WE’RE ALL DOOMED” is the only thing talked about on the news these days.

Waste not, want not.

via Drudge Report