Louis Vuitton cracking down on bloated babies carrying Swap Meet Louis

Nadia Plesner made a T-shirt that she’s selling to raise money for kids in Darfur. Her shirt includes an image of a malnourished child carrying a sexy purse that looks like something out of the Louis Vuitton Desiccated Trophy Wife line so popular with the ladies a few years back. Note that it doesn’t have the LV logo, just a bunch of squiggles, and it bears a passing resemblance to the concept of an LV bag remixed by an designer. It is as much an infringement of an LG bag as Exile in Guyville by PJ Harvey Liz Phair (sorry, I played guitar for a woman who loved PJ Harvey and she kept playing this so…) infringes on the Rolling Stones.

Well, that didn’t stop LV from suing her. She’s getting charged $7,500 a day for showing the image and another $7,500 for using the words Louis Vuitton. This is what we like to call around the barn “batshit insane.” Head on over, buy some shirts, and prove that the corpse of a leather goods manufacturer reanimated by effete and greedy SwissFrench nationals probably shouldn’t be messing with real artists.