The Back Burner: Things we didn't post this week

A big thank you to everybody for filling our tips at crunchgear dot com inbox with wonderful, unique, and newsworthy items. Here are five that we just couldn’t get to this week.

E-mail Subject: The size has huge value!

Hey man, ok I had to send you this site, I ordered a V yr P gb X qp L and these things work amazingly! For real, I’ve tried a bunch of other ones but they don’t work – these ones are the real deal though.


Dude! How’d you get a V yr P gb X qp L so fast? I’ve been waiting for mine for, like, a month. I’ve tried all the others ones, too. They suck! I thought I was home free with the last site but they sent me a V yr P gb X qp M instead of a V yr P gb X qp L and then tried to play it off like I’d ordered the wrong thing. My ass! As if I can’t tell the difference between a V yr P gb X qp L and a V yr P gb X qp M. What the hell?

E-mail Subject: Inquiry for Digital Frame

Dear Sir :

Inquiry for digital frame, 1″-20″, whole sale price and product detail,

Catalog with price prefered.

Have a great day!



Oh, so you just need a price quote on any digital photo frames that are between one and twenty inches? Is that all? Anything else I can get for you? Do you have a private helicopter? Would you like one? I could just pick one of those up for you while I’m putting together this price quote for you. There are only about a million different digital frames that out there in the size range that you’re asking about. Tell you what, I’ll get you the helicopter first and then you can fly over here and I’ll rub your back with one hand and put your price quote together with the other hand. Does that sound okay? Are you comfy?

E-mail Subject: solar panels


Am Mr.Cooten  i want to know whether you carry solar panels in stock for sale if you do  so email me with the types and the price ranges on that so that i will know the quantity to offer and also i want to know if you accept credit card as form of payment.Awaiting for your prompt reply.

COOTEN  (owner)


No, sorry. We don’t have solar panels. You might want to check a home improvement store or a solar panel manufacturer instead of a gadget blog. Maybe some other blogs have them as merchandise but we don’t really do that for solar panels, unfortunately.

AAMOTH (writer)

E-mail Subject: They Feel more excitement

There can buy medicines rx drugs in another local drug store?!!!

European Pharmacy drugstore presents all the drugs you need to recover your health at low price!!!

Using this area to navigation in our store!!!

getmanhealth . com


Good yes at you today and how is them! Many once thanking you and there after for some read and write!!! How you is me for five?!!

Low price for my yes and have after man health!!!

E-mail Subject: No advert on

We have recently come across your email address on the web and have noticed that you do not have an entry on our website – Strange because all our standard adverts are free!!

Why not join one of the 8000 other wedding advertisers who have all chosen to show there products here at NO CHARGE.  This website is undoubtably the most comprehensive Wedding Directory website in the UK.  Our aim is to show all wedding suppliers throughout the country and be the first stop for all brides.


That IS strange. CrunchGear pretty much made the UK wedding scene what it is today. Not having a free advert on your site makes us all look like royal knob jobs. Undoubtably.

Can you tell me how many of the 8000 other advertisers happen to be gadget blogs? We just want to know who we’re up against. The tech blogging business is pretty cut-throat — second only to the wedding business.

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