Man sued by woman for sending nude pictures messages to phone she bought from him


Working in retail is hard work, especially in the electronics field, but sometimes your interactions with people on a daily basis lead to new relationships. I worked at a big box retailer for about three years and got many dates out of it, though it wasn’t appropriate at all. The key is, though, to know when it’s OK and when it’s not OK to ask a customer on a date, and how to go about it.

This man in Florida worked at a Sprint retail store. A woman came in to exchange her Nextel phone for a Sprint phone. Awhile later, the man started sending her flirty text messages, even though she’s married. She told him she wasn’t interested. Then he sent more texts. And more. And then a picture message of his face.

And then, he sent her nudies.

She’s suing him and Sprint now, and rightly so. The moral of the story is that while it’s OK to ask a customer out on a date, it’s improper to start sending her tons of gross naked pics if she says no. I hope we’ve all learned here.