Hey That's Pretty Smart – Amazon Launches A Gadget Blog

The big three gadget blogs (Engadget, Gizmodo and CrunchGear) (ok, kidding about CrunchGear, but it is doing very well) have a little more competition starting today: a new gadget blog called End User. The site is published by Amazon.

The blog authors are all Amazon employees and write for EndUserBlog as well. This is the same model for a few other blogs that Amazon publishes (Omnivoracious, ChordStrike, etc.).

Most posts have links into Amazon to purchase whatever is being discussed, which helps Amazon directly and indirectly sell more stuff.

So far the Amazon blogs don’t have much in the way of a community – most posts have no comments, for example. My recommendation is for them to follow, interact with and link to lots of other blogs in their respective categories, and actually join into the conversation directly.