Face scanning at airports will upset the easily offended

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Not unlike every stupid sci-fi movie ever—not my favorite genre—scary biometric scanners will approve and “denounce and reject” airline passengers. Instead of having low paid, I-don’t-want-to-be-here security guards give the thumbs up or thumbs down, after checking the official Do Not Let These Baddies Fly list, a machine will do it, using the biometric chip present in new passports. Similar schemes are already in place at some airports, but this one will be implemented in a less restricted manner.

And of course, some folks are screaming bloody murder. Why should I trust a robot to correctly identify me? (Because it’s more accurate than lazy security guards, maybe?) What if the machines get it wrong? (There will always be a person there to override.) Never mind that the new system, when working properly, is faster than some dude checking his list over and over, matching passport photos and names.

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