Video: iPod Touch playing OSX intro music

OK, this is rather odd. Yesterday afternoon I was leaving to pick up Peter Ha from the airport. I put my iPod Touch into it’s DLO VentMount, snapped in the Belkin car kit, and turned on my car. The iPod was already playing music. I thought it was weird but didn’t give it much thought until I realized the song it was playing isn’t anything on my iPod.

Then I realized what it was: the OSX welcome screen. Anyone who’s bought a new Mac has seen it, it plays with the “Welcome!” in several languages in a movie.

It’s hard to hear in this video, you’ll have to really turn your speakers up or get headphones, but that’s what it is. I’m not sure why it was playing, it just was. It turned itself off when I launched the Music application.

Any ideas out there why it happened? And how?