Huddle puts on users as Basecamp drops prices

An ‘enterprise 2.0’ price war is looming as the UK’s Huddle starts to creep up on the incumbent in the space, Basecamp. The former says it is “growing like crazy”, adding 50% more users in the last month, while the latter recently dropped its prices to remain competitive. However, at $24-$149 a month, Basecamp remains pricier than Huddle’s $20 to $100 a month price range and is still reminiscent of the original Web design project workflow is was designed for. Wrike is different to both in that it charge per user, rather than per project for $3.99 per person per month. Huddle is also providing file-sharing on its service for free, something Basecamp doesn’t yet do. Huddle came out of the gate to compete pretty much head on with Basecamp. In November last year Huddle announced $4m in series A funding from Eden Ventures in London. Companies using Huddle include Reuters and PR group Edelman and UNICEF.