CrunchGear This Week: Sweater Friends and Seattle Mini-Meet-Up Tomorrow

The last few weeks have been chock full of gadget news. We spotted the costumes from the latest G.I. Joe movie and almost got sued for posting them. Then we had an interview with the head of Psystar talk to us about their $399 Mac clone that is winging its way to our office right now. This week is also Green Week at CrunchGear and we’ll be posting great features about helping the environment one keyclick at a time.

We’re also having a Seattle mini-meet-up tomorrow and an NYC mega-meet-up on May 1. Last but not least, we present the Sweater Friends. They act out scenes from our weekly live CrunchGear Talk Radio show and may eventually replace us completely. Tune in tomorrow, Friday April 25 at 1PM EST to give us a listen.