Google Says "No Photos" Of Web 2.0 Booth. Photos Are Taken Anyway.

Look closely at the photo of Google’s booth at the Web 2.0 conference, because there is apparently something there that Google didn’t want photographed. Do you see it?

Yeah, me either. Looks like a normal, non-confidential type booth to me. Apparently they were demoing Adwords.

But both Scott Beale and Jeremy Johnstone were told that photos of the booth were prohibited and were asked to “vacate the area”. Beale was polite and walked away (annoyed). Johnstone, though, did the right thing: he took the picture above and posted it to flickr.

Whatever Google’s reasons for not wanting the booth photographed, the prohibition quite predictably had the opposite effect. Eventually, Google software engineer Bob Lee took the initiative to track down the reason for the ban. Problem solved.